Book of the Month Reviews

  • Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock Paper Scissors

    In a last ditch effort to save their marriage, a couple becomes snowed in on a weekend away in Scotland. But their secrets come back to haunt them, and someone does not want them to live happily ever after. Read

  • The Holiday Swap

    The Holiday Swap

    A feel-good, holiday-themed romance about identical twins – both bakers – who switch lives in the days leading up to Christmas. Read

  • A History of Wild Places

    A History of Wild Places

    Travis Wren has a talent for finding missing people. His is hired to find children’s author Maggie St. James who vanished into thin air five years prior. But soon, Travis vanishes too after finding Pastoral – a 1970s reclusive community the outside would has forgotten about. Read

  • The Collective

    The Collective

    A riveting psychological thriller about how far mothers will go to seek justice – or revenge – for their dead children. While this is a thriller, it also explores grief and the aftermath of crimes in a real way. Read

  • The Love Hypothesis

    The Love Hypothesis

    A biology PhD student wants to prove to her best friend that she has moved on and is dating. With no way to prove it, she kisses the first man she sees, none other than Dr. Carlsen, known as one of the most unapproachable and critical professors. With his own reasoning, he agrees to become… Read

  • Harlem Shuffle

    Harlem Shuffle

    Ray Carney is trying to establish himself as a business and family man. With cash tight and a baby on the way, Ray is convinced to help his cousin Freddie do one last heist. But can Ray keep himself straight or will this heist get him back in the game or killed? Read

  • The Ex Hex

    The Ex Hex

    In this second chance romance, Rhys Penhallow is returning to Graves Glen to fulfill his familial duty to charge the ley lines. Little does he know that nine years ago Vivienne Jones cursed him after he broke her heart. Once Rhys returns to town, havoc breaks loose and he must team up with Vivienne to… Read

  • 56 Days

    56 Days

    A couple who start dating before Dublin is under its first COVID-19 lockdown. While it is fast, they decide to move in together for the 2 week lockdown. However, 56 days later one of them ends up dead.⁣ Read

  • Everything We Didn’t Say

    Everything We Didn’t Say

    A true crime podcast threatens fifteen years of a family’s silence as the eldest daughter, Juniper, returns to her small Iowa hometown to confront the her demons. Read

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