Book of the Month Reviews

  • Outlawed


    Barren women are cast out of society or hanged as witches. Ada is one of those women. After being cast out from her home and all she has ever known, she ends up joining a group of outlaws. Read

  • Blacktop Wasteland

    Blacktop Wasteland

    Bug – loving husband, father, and car mechanic. As Bug falls into some financial troubles, he resurrects his past and agrees to be a getaway driver to a heist that should solve all his problems. Only the heist goes very wrong. Read

  • What You Wish For

    What You Wish For

    The story of elementary school librarian Sam who loves her school, her community, and her life. When tragedy strikes, a new principal takes over the school and runs it in a very different direction. That new principal just happens to be Sam’s old crush, who she remembers as starkly different. Read

  • We Could Be Heroes

    We Could Be Heroes

    Two individuals wake up in separate apartments without any memories. Soon, they discover that they have supernatural abilities. In a memory support group, they meet and decide to dig into their shared pasts. Along the way, they are faced with tough choices, including trusting each other and deciding whether to be heroes. Read

  • Things You Save in a Fire

    Things You Save in a Fire

    Cassie Hanwell is a female firefighter in a progressive firehouse in Texas. She is cool under pressure when addressing other’s emergencies. But suddenly, Cassie has to face those of her own when her estranged mother asks her to move to the Boston suburbs. Read

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