10 New Romances to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Always, in December

Emily Stone

Every December, Josie posts a letter from her home in London to the parents she lost on Christmas night many years ago. Each year, she writes the same three words: Missing you, always. But this year, her annual trip to the postbox is knocked off course by a bicycle collision with a handsome stranger–a stranger who will change the course of Josie’s life.

Josie always thought she was the only one who avoided the Christmas season, but this year, Max has his own reasons for doing the same–and coincidence leads them to spending the holiday together. Aglow with new love, Josie thinks this might be the start of something special.

Release: October 12, 2021
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Blame It on the Mistletoe

Beth Garrod

Elle is a social medial star with the #DreamLife…or so it seems. Determined to shake up her content and gain new followers, she’s on a mission: can she find a British fan to swap with for Christmas? Holly loves everything about Christmas. But after a mortifying mistletoe disaster with her ex, her perfect plans unravel like a bad Christmas sweater. Can Holly save the holidays when she switches places with favorite social media influencer?

Elle gets more than she bargained for when she meets the cute boy from across the street. And Holly wasn’t expecting Elle to have a handsome twin brother. This holiday is full of surprises.

Release: November 2, 2021
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Duke, Actually

Jenny Holiday

There’s a royal wedding on, and things are about to get interesting.

Best man Maximillian von Hansburg, Baron of Laudon and heir to the Duke of Aquilla, is not having a merry Christmas. He’s been dumped by a princess, he’s unemployed, and his domineering father has sent him to New York to meet a prospective bride he has no interest in. In the city, he meets Dani Martinez, a smart (and gorgeous) professor he’s determined to befriend before their best friends marry in the Eldovian wedding of the century.

Maid of honor and newly single, no-nonsense New Yorker Dani is done with love–she even has a list entitled “Things I Will Never Again Do for a Man”–which is why she hits it off with notorious rake Max. He’s the perfect partner for snow angels in Central Park and deep conversations about the futility of love.

Release: November 16, 2021
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The Holiday Ex-Files

Jennifer Peel

After catching her husband under the Christmas tree with another woman, Cami crops him out of all their wedding photos and posts them online. Who knew that post would go viral? Thanks to all the requests I received to do the same for other jilted partners, I started a new business called, the Holiday Ex-Files. And I couldn’t be happier. Well . . . at least I’m not unhappy.

Then along comes her ex-husband’s gorgeous best friend, Noah Cullen. He has a plan to help me believe in the magic of holidays again. But the more Cami’s around him, I begin to think he’s the magical one, and that perhaps she picked the wrong best friend to begin with.

Release: October 19, 2021
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The Holiday Swap

Maggie Knox

When chef Charlie Goodwin gets hit on the head on the L.A. set of her reality baking show, she loses a lot more than consciousness; she also loses her ability to taste and smell–both critical to her success as show judge. With only days until Christmas, a desperate Charlie asks her twin sister Cass to do something they haven’t done since they were kids: switch places. Looking for her own escape from reality, Cass agrees. But temporarily trading lives proves more complicated than they imagined, especially when rugged firefighter Jake Greenman and gorgeous physician assistant Miguel Rodriguez are thrown into the mix. Will the twins’ identity swap be a recipe for disaster, or does it have all the right ingredients for getting their lives back on track?

Release: October 5, 2021
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The Matzah Ball

Jean Meltzer

Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt is a nice Jewish romance novelist with a shameful secret: she loves Christmas. But when her diversity-conscious publisher insists she write a Hanukkah romance, her well of inspiration suddenly runs dry. Desperate not to lose her contract, Rachel’s determined to find her muse at the Matzah Ball, a Jewish music celebration on the last night of Hanukkah, even if it means working with her summer camp archenemy–Jacob Greenberg.

Though Rachel and Jacob haven’t seen each other since they were kids, their grudge still glows brighter than a menorah. But as they spend more time together, Rachel finds herself drawn to Hanukkah–and Jacob–in a way she never expected. Maybe this holiday of lights will be the spark she needed to set her heart ablaze.

Release: September 28, 2021
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The Mistletoe Pact

Jo Lovett

On Christmas Eve eight years ago Evie and Dan made a pact: if they weren’t married by thirty, they were going to marry each other. Of course, neither of them took it seriously, even if Dan has always been mesmerized by Evie’s beautiful smile, and Evie has always fancied Dan, her best-friend’s brother.

But then “it” happens. They wake up on Christmas Eve, the night before Evie’s thirtieth birthday in Vegas… married. In a honeymoon suite filled with hundreds of heart-shaped pillows, they realize too late what they’ve done 

Release: September 28, 2021
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Nick & Noel’s Christmas Playlist

Codi Hall

Nick Winter’s Christmas at home is going nothing like he planned. What was supposed to be a memorable holiday with his long-time girlfriend goes sour when he learns she cheated on him while he was overseas. At least Nick can rely on his usual shift at the family Christmas tree farm with his best friend, Noel Carter, and her endless supply of Christmas tunes to lift his spirits. A night of fun together is just what he needs to forget about his ex. But then they kiss. And it feels…so right.

Release: October 5, 2021
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The Santa Suit

Mary Kay Andrews

When newly-divorced Ivy Perkins buys an old farmhouse sight unseen, she is definitely looking for a change in her life. The previous family left so much furniture and so much junk, that it’s a full-time job sorting through all of it. At the top of a closet, Ivy finds an old Santa suit–beautifully made and decades old. In the pocket she finds a note written in a childish hand: it’s from a little girl who has one Christmas wish, and that is for her father to return home from the war. This discovery sets Ivy off on a mission. Ivy’s quest brings her into the community, at a time when all she wanted to do was be left alone and nurse her wounds. But the magic of Christmas makes miracles happen, and Ivy just might find more than she ever thought possible: a welcoming town, a family reunited, a mystery solved, and a second chance at love.

Release: September 28, 2021
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Window Shopping

Tessa Bailey

Stella is struggling to find her footing after a particularly traumatic past 4 years. She meets Aiden in front of the Vivant department store window. As a general manager and owner of a high-end store, Aiden needs someone to revamp his store windows for the holiday season. With her vision and creativity, Stella wows him on the spot and lands a job at his store.

Release: October 19, 2021
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