April 2023 Book of the Month Selections

Book of the Month is a subscription box in which members choose up to 3 hardcover books to receive each month.
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This month, Book of the Month (BOTM) chose seven main selections and two add-ons.

Main Picks | Add-Ons | Predictions | My Choices

Main Picks

Camp Zero

Michelle Min Sterling

Don’t be fooled by the floating cities and brain implants, this mysterious polar camp riven by inequality is no utopia.

Dystopian | Debut

Romantic Comedy

Curtis Sittenfeld

2 minutes to show time! Romance? Check. Comedy? Check. Midlife crises, workplace antics, big feels and feminism? CHECK!

Contemporary Fiction | Repeat Author

The Only Survivors

Megan Miranda

A group bound by a decades-old pact and survivors’ guilt reunite at a remote island house in this taut, twisty tale.


Hang the Moon

Jeannette Walls

This moving Prohibition-era family saga and its feisty heroine have all the grit and complexity of good moonshine.

Historical Fiction | Repeat Author


Genevieve Wheeler

This raw, wrenching exploration of a toxic relationship and its aftermath doubles as an ode to the power of self-love.

Contemporary Fiction | Debut

Ana María and the Fox

Liana De la Rosa

In this sumptuous, swoony Victorian romance an eldest daughter struggles with responsibility and the pull of her heart.

Historical Romance

Advika and the Hollywood Wives

Kirthana Ramisetti

Get a big bowl of popcorn ready, we’ve got it all here: Old Hollywood Glamor, scorned lovers, paparazzi, found family.

Contemporary Fiction

Add Ons

Divine Rivals

Rebecca Ross

All is chaos when the gods are at war, but two rival journalists with a magical connection may hold the key to peace.

Young Adult | Repeat Author

The House Is on Fire

Rachel Beanland

Sweeping but intimate, four lives and a community are irreparably changed in this story of a 19th-century theater fire.

Historical Fiction

Predictions & Thoughts

There are seven main and two add-on Book of the Month (BOTM) selections for April, including two debut novels and three novels from repeat authors. I am pleased that only one of the April selections was a March releases – Hang the Moon by Jeannette Wall.

I predicted 8 out of 9 books correctly between in my April predictions. I did not predict Ana María and the Fox. In fact, it was not on my radar at all. I enjoy BOTM surprising me, especially with a book I did not know anything about.

I am generally pleased with this month’s selections. They span all of the major genres, feature multiple BIPOC authors, and include several books I am looking forward to reading. I am always happy to see debut novels, although I wish there were a couple more.

Camp Zero, for some reason, screamed BOTM selection to me. In fact, I included it in my March predictions thinking it may be an early release. Dystopian novels are not typical BOTM picks, but it seems like BOTM is willing to choose more dystopian, horror, and gothic fiction these days, which I have no complaints about! You may also want to note that this is Read with Jenna’s pick for April.

Romantic Comedy has been a highly anticipated book by quite a few people and is Reese’s book club selection for April. The cover is so appealing! It is also the first book from Sittenfeld in a few years. I am sure those who loved Prep and Eligible are happy to see this author featured by BOTM again. Does anyone else think this book may have been inspired by Pete Davidson?

I am not super familiar with Megan Miranda’s books. I have definitely seen them around, and they do seem popular. However, I have yet to read one. The Only Survivors has received mixed reviews thus far. From what I have read, it sounds like it may be more of a slow burn until the ending. So beware if that is a dealbreaker for you!

As I mentioned before, I am unfamiliar with Ana María and the Fox, and I have not read a single review for it. However, take note that it is part of a planned series, and there is no guarantee BOTM will have them all.

I am not surprised by BOTM’s selection of Divine Rivals. Rebecca Ross’s adult novels have been popular choices over the past year. It make sense that BOTM would cater to those fans as well as fantasy lovers by choosing her newest YA book.

My Choices

I think I will be choosing two or three books for my April box.

Camp Zero has peaked my interest since I first heard about the book. It has a interesting premise and is different from my typical reads. Plus, I snag books by BIPOC authors whenever they feature them.

I am also interested in reading Romantic Comedy, although I have not read any of Curtis Sittenfeld’s previous books. However, I know that I am receiving a gifted copy from the publisher; so I will not be getting one from BOTM as well.

Because I prefer my thrillers to be fast-paced, I will be skipping The Only Survivors. In addition, it sounds like a few other books that I have read. I may reconsider it in the future if I need more thrillers and have seen positive reviews.

I already have an ARC of Hang the Moon, although I am behind and have not yet read it despite it being published earlier this week. If I love the book, I may grab a finished copy from BOTM in the future.

From people I trust, I have heard rave reviews about Adelaide. I have seen several people on bookstagram label it as one of their likely favorite books of the year. For me, that is some strong endorsement. But I am hesitant to add it to my box because it is supposed to be sad. I have been avoiding sad books for a few years now. Yet, I think I will give it a try and hope it does not destroy me.

I will be skipping on Ana María and the Fox. I have not been in much of a romance mood as of late. Plus, I have a lot of romance to be read on my shelf. In addition, I am avoiding buying any books part of a planned series from BOTM, because I need my books to match!

I have also heard very little about Advika and the Hollywood Wives. I read part of the author’s debut novel a year or so ago. (Another book grabbed my attention and I ended up not going back to it for some reason.) I am not super into Hollywood or books about celebrities. As a result, I will also pass on this book.

I am not a big fan of fantasy or YA. I did not even consider Divine Rivals.

I am excited for The House Is on Fire. It has stellar reviews, and it is a non-WWII historical fiction novel. I have not read Beanland’s previous book, Florence Adler Swims Forever, but I have also heard wonderful things about it. The House Is on Fire is definitely the book I am most looking forward to this month.

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What books did you choose for your April BOTM selections? Let me know in the comments!

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