Meet My Reading Buddies

In honor of National Pet Day, I thought I would introduce you to my two loyal reading buddies. Despite often falling asleep, they keep me company while I read and graciously share their body warmth when it is needed (and when its not).


Mango is a nearly 5-year old sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog & Poodle mix) who takes walks very seriously. She loves adventure, desperately wants to meet a cat, and believes everyone is her friend, whether they know it or not. Mango has strong feelings about most things, including the fact that books do not belong on furniture; puppies belong on furniture. If she could read, Mango’s favorite genre would be nonfiction, especially those books about adventurers or discovery. She is endlessly curious and wants to understand every bit of the world.


Kiwi is almost 4-year old sheepadoodle that prefers lounging on the couch to most other activities. She has to be in the same room as me at pretty much all times. Kiwi is the opposite of her sister and is shy and scared of nearly everything, including the wind. But once she trusts you, Kiwi will be the most loving friend you know. If she could read, Kiwi’s favorite genres would be cookbooks and romance novels. Her love of food is only eclipsed by her love of love.

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