Book of the Month Reviews

  • The Writing Retreat

    The Writing Retreat

    The Plot meets Please Join Us in this psychological suspense debut about a young author at an exclusive writer’s retreat that descends into a nightmare. Read

  • What Lies in the Woods

    What Lies in the Woods

    Haunted by a killer lie from their youth, a group of friends begins to unravel when one member starts asking questions. Read

  • All the Dangerous Things

    All the Dangerous Things

    It has been a year since Isabelle’s son was taken in the night and a year since she has had a full night’s sleep. Despite second-guessing if she had something to do with his disappearance, Isabelle will not sleep until he is found. Read

  • Kiss Her Once for Me

    Kiss Her Once for Me

    A queer holiday rom-com à la While You Were Sleeping. Read

  • Spells for Forgetting

    Spells for Forgetting

    An atmospheric story about an unsolved murder and a second chance at love on a magical island in the Pacific Northwest. Read

  • The Wilderwomen

    The Wilderwomen

    Two sisters with psychic abilities search for their mother that disappeared five years earlier. Read

  • The Cloisters

    The Cloisters

    In this debut novel, a circle of researchers uncover a mysterious deck of tarot cards and shocking secrets in New York’s famed Met Cloisters. Read

  • Sign Here

    Sign Here

    A debut novel about a guy who works in Hell (literally) and is on the cusp of a big promotion if only he can get one more member of the wealthy Harrison family to sell their soul. Read

  • Killers of a Certain Age

    Killers of a Certain Age

    They’ve spent their lives as the deadliest assassins in a clandestine international organization, but now that they’re sixty years old, four women friends can’t just retire – it’s kill or be killed. Read

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