Taking Down Backpage

Maggy Krell

In Taking Down Backpage, veteran California prosecutor Maggy Krell tells the story of the battle against Backpage. Through a combination of memoir and legal insight, Krell reveals how she and her team started with the prosecution of street pimps and ultimately ended with the takedown of the largest purveyor of human trafficking in the world.

Winter Water

Susanne Jansson

On the picturesque Swedish island of Orust, Martin is spending the day with his son when he receives a phone call and turns his back for only a minute. In those few moments, his young son has gone missing and his little red bucket is bobbing in the waves. Winter Water is an atmospheric suspense novel about the nature of grief.

Love & Other Disasters

Anita Kelly

On the set of America’s favorite cooking show, two competitors – newly divorced Dahlia and the first nonbinary contestant London – fall for each other.

A Flicker in the Dark

Stacy Willingham

Psychologist Chloe Davis has tried to escape her dark past. Her father has been in prison since she was 12 years old for the murder of six teenage girls. Now, 20 yeas later and in a different city, teenage girls begin to go missing and her past comes crashing back.

The Ex Hex

Erin Sterling

In this second chance romance, Rhys Penhallow is returning to Graves Glen to fulfill his familial duty to charge the ley lines. Little does he know that nine years ago Vivienne Jones cursed him after he broke her heart. Once Rhys returns to town, havoc breaks loose and he must team up with Vivienne to save Graves Glen.

Blacktop Wasteland

S.A. Cosby

Blacktop Wasteland is about Bug – loving husband, father, and car mechanic. As Bug falls into some financial troubles, he resurrects his past and agrees to be a getaway driver to a heist that should solve all his problems. Only the heist goes very wrong.