April 2022 Book of the Month Selections

This month, Book of the Month was back to five main selections and two add-ons.

Main Picks | Add-Ons | Predictions | My Choices

Main Picks

True Biz

Sara Novic

What’s realer than real? This witty and life-affirming novel gives us the true biz about a school for the deaf.

Literary Fiction

The Good Left Undone

Adriana Trigiani

Like a hug from your favorite aunt, this moving and wise WWII epic will remind you what life’s all about—famiglia.

Historical Fiction


Vaishnavi Patel

Why should boys have all the fun? In this epic tale that pulls heartstrings, Kaikeyi fights for her place in history.

Fantasy | Debut

Book of the Month

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April 2022 Book of the Month Predictions

Most Anticipated Books of April 2022

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Most Anticipated Books of March 2022

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Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole

Susan Cain

Ever cried during a commercial or listened to Joni Mitchell curled up on the floor? This insightful book is for you.

Narrative Nonfiction

Like A Sister

Kellye Garrett

Sometimes a sibling just knows. When her estranged sister dies under weird circumstances, Lena Scott gets on the case.



Lessons in Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus

This novel has the perfect molecular structure: a charming protagonist, humor, a lovable dog, and feminist bonafides.

Historical Fiction | Debut

Bomb Shelter: Love, Time, & Other Explosives

Mary Laura Philpott

This witty, warm collection highlights a family coming together and growing stronger as they face a son’s epilepsy.


Predictions & Thoughts

BOTM has been throwing us for a loop the last couple months. I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the selections, which were included in my most anticipated books, but I did not think BOTM would include. This month, that exciting book is True Biz. It did not seem like a typical BOTM selection so I debated whether to include it with my predictions, and ultimately did not. But it should be a good book, and I am looking forward to reading it.

The April selections include one book – Like a Sister – that was released at the beginning of March. Including previously released books appears to be something BOTM has decided to do this year. In the past, they would only include released books at the end of the year. It does make accurate predictions a bit more difficult! Like a Sister was not on my radar at all, although I did see some bookstagram posts about it when it was published. I am happy to see a mystery or thriller by a Black author. So few mysteries and thrillers by BIPOC authors are published by the big five publishers.

I predicted Lessons in Chemistry, which I am surprised is not a main selection; The Good Left Undone; Kaikeyi; and Bomb Shelter. I feel like Bittersweet came out of nowhere; however, it has been a long while since BOTM has had a self-help-like book. So I guess it was time?

Overall, I predicted four out of seven books, since I will not count True Biz as a prediction since it did not appear on my list. After dismal predictions last month, I will take over 50 percent and be happy. There are a few books that I am super surprised where not selections, but who knows, maybe they will show up next month.

My Choices

Main Picks

I was chose three selections this month – True Biz, The Good Left Undone, and Lessons in Chemistry. I actually split them between two accounts so I could grab a few older books as well.

I am happy for True Biz to be a selection. I think it will expose this book to a much larger audience and help to education some on deaf culture. As I mentioned, I debated whether to include it in my predictions and decided to exclude it from the list. It does not feel quite like a typical BOTM pick.

I debated whether to buy The Good Left Undone. I have a ridiculous number of unread historical fiction books on my shelves. However, I have read few historical fiction stories that take place in Italy or include artists. Plus, I like historical fiction where two timelines come together. So I ultimately gave in and am hoping this will be a bit different from your typical WWII historical fiction novel.

I have exactly zero interest in reading Bittersweet. I am not a fan of this type of book. While I like narrative nonfiction, I avoid reading anything that borders on self-help. Also, it sounds terribly depressing, which I do not need in my life.

Like a Sister is one of those books that I am going to wait for and make a decision after seeing some reviews from friends. I hope it turns out to be a good read!


I am super pleased that Lessons in Chemistry is a selection. When I first heard about the book in January, I knew that it would be a BOTM selection. It just screams BOTM to me. Plus, how could I skip out on a book about a feminist character. I also have been on a kick of reading books about food competition shows, which has led to me binging Top Chef this month rather than reading.

I am curious about Bomb Shelter; however, I am not sure how much I will be able to relate to a story about parenting. For now, I will be skipping Bomb Shelter but it remains a possibility for future boxes.

What books did you choose for your April BOTM selections? Let me know in the comments!

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