May 2023 Book of the Month Selections

Book of the Month is a subscription box in which members choose up to 3 hardcover books to receive each month.
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This month, Book of the Month (BOTM) chose six main selections and four add-ons.

Main Picks | Add-Ons | Predictions | My Choices

Main Picks

The Collected Regrets of Clover

Mikki Brammer

Prepare to shed a couple tears for this moving, inspirational story about a death doula learning not to fear living.

Contemporary Fiction | Debut

Yours Truly

Abby Jimenez

Two doctors unlucky in love realize romance may still be in the cards—literally—when they start writing to each other.

Romance | Repeat Author

The Last Word

Taylor Adams

While house-sitting, Emma Carpenter starts encountering eerie things after posting a negative review of a horror novel.

Thriller | Repeat Author

Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?

Crystal Smith Paul

One woman’s decision to pass as white reverberates through generations in this riveting exploration of race and fame.

Historical Fiction | Debut

The Half Moon

Mary Beth Keane

A husband drowning in debt and a wife grappling with infertility have their relationship tested during a winter storm.

Literary Fiction | Repeat Author

Paper Names

Susie Luo

Singed by New York’s melting pot, an immigrant family continues to fight movingly for a piece of the American Dream.

Literary Fiction | Debut

Add Ons

The True Love Experiment

Christina Lauren

In this warm, winning romcom that may just convert a few reality TV skeptics, a romance writer learns to walk the walk.

Romance | Repeat Author

The Secret Book of Flora Lee

Patti Callahan Henry

When a book bearing marks of her family’s WWII past falls into her hands, a rare bookseller goes searching for answers.

Historical Fiction

Warrior Girl Unearthed

Angeline Boulley

A band of misfits is inspired to reclaim remains of their Indigenous ancestors in this unique and potent heist story.

Young Adult | Repeat Author


Costanza Casati

This warrior queen won’t tolerate disrespect from her king or anyone else in this biting saga of female vengeance.

Fantasy | Debut

Predictions & Thoughts

There are six main and four add-on Book of the Month (BOTM) selections for May, including four debut novels and five novels from repeat authors. Two of the May selections were (big) April releases – Yours Truly and The Last Word.

I predicted 9 out of 10 books correctly between in my May predictions. The only one not included in my predictions was Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?, which I swear I included. But upon double checking, I somehow left it off the predictions post – a big oversight! It would have been cool to have predicted all ten! And it is clear that Kitt Karr is giving Evelyn Hugo vibes.

I, obviously, am not surprised by this month’s selections. I knew it would be a big month for repeat authors. I am pleased to see four debut novels among the May selections.

The Collected Regrets of Clover is reenforcing my theory that a lover of sad girl lit fic/contemporary fiction has joined the editorial team. There has been at least one this-is-going-to-make-you-cry selection every month this year. I think this debut novel has a unique premise and will be interested to see how many members choose it.

I have no doubt that the selections from repeat authors will be super popular this month, despite already being released. The BOTM hints clearly pointed to Yours Truly and The Last Word. From a business standpoint, it is smart of them to make the hints obvious and about books that were released in April.

With people loving Ask Again Yes, it was clear to me BOTM would select The Half Moon, regardless of how good it is.

I am so happy to see Paper Names as a selection. While I have not read it, this debut novel was on my radar. It seems like a timely pick both because of its subject matter and because May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month.

I was surprised to find out Christina Lauren’s The True Love Experiment was a selection. They are big names in the romance genre, and this book is a kind-of-follow-up to The Soulmate Equation.

I am excited to see that BOTM has decided to feature the sequel to Firekeeper’s Daughter, Warrior Girl Unearthed. I loved Firekeeper’s Daughter and like seeing Indigenous authors receiving a spotlight.

As far as The Secret Book of Flora Lea goes, I am disappointed to see yet another World War II historical fiction pick by BOTM. There are so many interesting historical fictions books publishing about lesser known (and lesser overwrought) historical events and periods.

It seems like a lot of people forgot about Clytemnestra once its pub date was pushed back to May. (RIP to the copies that caught fire earlier in the year.) Despite not being a big fan of fantasy, even I am interested in this debut.

I also want to note that with this month’s selections it is clear that there will be no more Emily Henry books on BOTM. I am okay with this since it makes room for new authors and her books are published as hardcovers (either alone or in tandem with paperbacks).

My Choices

Personally, I am happy with this month’s BOTM selections. It was easy to fill my box!

Thanks to some kind publishers, I already have copies of a couple May selections – The Half Moon and Warrior Girl Unearthed.

Although I am not a lover of sad books, I am going to add The Collected Regrets of Clover to my box. I am intrigued by the concept, and it has strong early reviews.

Despite owning all of Abby Jimenez’s books, I still have not read one. But that did not stop me from adding Yours Truly to my box. I think I will start reading her books with this one.

I have already read and reviewed The Last Word. I have yet to decide if I will buy a copy to keep on my shelf. For now, I am waiting to buy one.

I am also going to hold out for Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? and The Secret Book of Flora Lea. I have so many historical fiction books that I need to read. Neither of these spoke to me. I may grab one or both later if friends, who have similar taste, end up loving them.

As I mentioned above, I am super excited for Paper Names. I have been really interested in Asian refugee and immigrant stories lately. Plus, it has stellar early reviews.

I generally like Christina Lauren books, so I did get The True Love Experiment although it will not match my copy of The Soulmate Equation.

Despite my excitement for Warrior Girl Unearthed, my copy of Firekeeper’s Daughter is not from BOTM. Being anal, I have to get one that matches.

I also ended up grabbing two books from past months – Hello Beautiful and The Moor’s Account.

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What books did you choose for your May BOTM selections? Let me know in the comments!

2 responses to “May 2023 Book of the Month Selections”

  1. Thanks for posting your selections! I’m having a hard time choosing this month. I agree about WWII historical fiction and would be happy to see BOTM cut back on it.


  2. I picked The Last Word, but I am kind of having regrets. I wish I had gotten Clover, but next month is my bday month anyways so I can get it then as an add on. Also “sad girl lit fic” is such a spot on description and is also quickly becoming my favorite genre!


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